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Bee Platform

Bee Platform is a software platform intended for organizing the business of one or more groups of business processes.

Bee Distribution is the name of a program unit that includes a group of business processes and determines the context of use of the Bee Platform.

Bee Platform Application is a set of one or more distributions according to the needs of the end user. It is distributed as a Web application that can be used with the latest versions of standard Internet Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc.) and as a native application for devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

Bee Distributions

Bee Assets is a distribution used to plan and monitor device maintenance, organize and delegate work orders for service, monitor equipment, plan preventive maintenance, and offer a maintenance cost reporting system. 

Bee Facility is a distribution used to plan and monitor the maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Bee Ticketing is a distribution that is used to keep records of customer requests (internal, external) as well as monitoring and planning their implementation by delegating activities to customers.

Bee CRM is a distribution used to monitor the sales process and analyze data related to customers, vendors and the complete life cycle of the sales process (CRM). Creating Lead and Lead Conversion to Opportunity. Probability that Opportunity will become Won or Lost. Tracking vendor activity and a set of analytical and synthetic reports for a complete picture of the sales process make Bee CRM an indispensable distribution of most Bee Platform Applications.

Bee Projects is a distribution used to plan and manage projects. File and track bug reports and sprints in projects. Centralize everything from questions to feedback and implement changes faster.

Bee Approvals is distribution used for the document verification process.

Bee Meetings is a distribution used for the process of scheduling meetings and delegating tasks.

Bee Legal is a distribution intended for law firms and case recording processes, lawyer activities, contracts, activity calendars, documentation, invoicing by completed case / activities and reporting in the form of analytical and synthetic reports and dashboard showing KPI values of all important processes.

Service Desk

All distributions include support for the Service Desk module, which is intended for issuing requests by end users, as well as the possibility of monitoring their implementation. The Service Desk module can be used via the Bee Web and Bee Native applications for Android and iOS operating systems by directly entering the request or by scanning the QR Code of the requested entity.


Integration of the Bee Platform with external systems is possible via web services in both directions. Data from external systems can be downloaded and synchronized (pull/push) with the data of the Bee Platform via the web service, but also data from the Bee Platform can be downloaded by external systems via the web services (Bee Platform API). Available protocols for integration through the web services are REST and SOAP.

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