Energy and Utility

This industry plays a crucial role in powering our modern world and ensuring the smooth functioning of essential services. This industry covers a wide range of sectors. As socities continue to grow and evolve, this industry faces many challenges that require innovative solutions to drive efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.



Working Together, Growing Together

At Enel iT Solutions, we have proven a track record of delivering innovative software solutions tailored to the unique requests and needs of the energy and utility sector. For years, we have been empowering organizations in this industry to overcome challenges and unlock new opportunities of growth. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the energy landscape have enabled us to develop a comprehensive solution that addreses the complex requirements of this dynamic industry.

Hornet is a solution that has been assisting companies in the energy sector for years with metering control, organization, and monitoring of power facilities, ultimately leading to improved overall efficiency. The platform consists of three modules, all hand-tailored for the needs of companies using them, allowing them to make their business thrive.

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