The Hornet platform is a powerful solution that was initially designed and tailor-made for a leading energy Company in SEE. Hornet's primary purpose is to register and prevent theft of electricity while also helping to organize and plan activities for power facilities.

What did Hornet bring to the market?

Meter Management

While currently focused on preventing energy theft, our capabilities extend beyond. Our technology is created to unlock the ability to easily read meters, streamlining your operations and providing real-time insights into energy usage. 

With a proven track record of overseeing over 3.5 million meters, our software ensures the seamless operation of your energy infrastructure. Our Advanced Meter Management system adapts to diverse energy setups, allowing you to manage and monitor your meters in a way that aligns with your goals and operations.

Record Of Electricity Theft

Through one product of our platform, it is possible to keep records of electricity theft. Such records lead to the prevention of theft and thus to the saving of a large amount of resources. This kind of product was implemented by the largest electric power company in the country.

With our innovative software solution, we have revolutionized the operations connected to energy theft, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper reports and documents. This transformation has not only made the process faster and more accurate but also easier to track and manage.

Record Of Power Facilities

In addition to the platform product that enables the monitoring and prevention of electricity theft, another product and software enables detailed monitoring and organization of electrical facilities. 

Some obvious advantages that this type of organization and monitoring can bring are awareness of the locations of power plants, their easier location, tracking, and reorganization. In addition, it is possible to achieve serious savings with this kind of work, because it is possible to have a timely influence on insufficiently well-organized and active facilities.

Challenges We Located

Solutions We Offered

Requested, Tailored, Implemented

At Enel iT Solutions, we have proven a track record of delivering innovative software solutions tailored to the unique requests and needs of the energy and utility sector. For years, we have been empowering organizations in this industry to overcome challenges and unlock new opportunities of growth. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the energy landscape have enabled us to develop a comprehensive solution that addreses the complex requirements of this dynamic industry.

Hornet Platform

Hornet is a solution that has been assisting companies in the energy sector for years with metering control, organization, and monitoring of power facilities, ultimately leading to improved overall efficiency. The platform consists of three modules, all hand-tailored for the needs of companies using them, allowing them to make their business thrive.

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