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BeeOrganised Platform is a software platform intended for organizing the business of one or more groups of business processes.

Bee Distribution is the name of a program unit that includes a group of business processes and determines the context of use of the Bee Platform.

BeeOrganised Platform Application is a set of one or more distributions according to the needs of the end user. It is distributed as a Web application that can be used with the latest versions of standard Internet Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc.) and as a native application for devices running Android operating system.

Bee Solutions

BeeSmart is an innovative solution crafted to empower organizations in taking full control of their smart rollouts. BeeSmart is an efficient deployment tool for large-scale rollouts, such as the rollout of smart meters, for example.

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BeeFieldForce is a solution used to plan and monitor the maintenance of facilities and equipment. It has the possibility of issuing digital work orders, preventive scheduling of interventions, calendar and map display of the same.

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Bee2B is a solution used to monitor the sales process and analyze data related to customers, vendors and the complete life cycle of the sales process (CRM). Creating Lead and Lead Conversion to Opportunity. Probability that Opportunity will become Won or Lost. Tracking vendor activity and a set of analytical and synthetic reports for a complete picture of the sales process make Bee CRM an indispensable distribution of most Bee Platform Applications.

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BeeIndustry is a solution that was created and designed to drive industrial excellence and providing best possible support for maintenance and organisation, resulting with enhanced productivity, reduced waste and impoved overall operational efficiency.


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BeeApproved is the ultimate solution designed to simplify and organise the approval chain within your company. It empowers you to manage approvals efficiently, save time and enhance collaboration.  

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BeeOffice is a comprehensive software solution designed to cater to the specific needs of law firms, insurance companies, and businesses requiring compliance management. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, BeeOffice streamlines office operations, enhances collaboration, and ensures regulatory compliance, making it the ideal choice for organizations in the legal, insurance, and general office sectors.

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BeeTeam is created to support team management in public service sectors such as municipal police, city patrols, public area management, maintenance teams and other related public services fields. With a strong focus on proper task organization and efficient resource allocation, BeeTeam empowers organizations to optimize team productivity, enhance coordination, and ensure seamless task execution.

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Integration of the Bee Platform with external systems is possible via web services in both directions. Data from external systems can be downloaded and synchronized (pull/push) with the data of the Bee Platform via the web service, but also data from the Bee Platform can be downloaded by external systems via the web services (Bee Platform API). Available protocols for integration through the web services are REST and SOAP.

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