Service Organisations

To support the industry, our solutions offer the possibility of issuing digital work orders, preventive scheduling of interventions, calendar and map display of the same. Within the solutions offered to contribute to the Service Organisations industry, there is also a ticketing portal, which allows customers (clients) to create requests (tickets) and monitor the execution of issued tickets, as well as asset management for managing the maintenance processes of specific machines, machine elements and equipment.



Explore Our Success Stories

These are the companies that trust us in the industry of Service Organisations. We have partnered with businesses across various industries to deliver exceptional solutions, drive growth, and achieve remarkable results. Every company we partner with represents our success story and makes us proud. We are trying to make the Service Organisations industry as simple and pleasant as possible for our clients by providing first class services.

Example of success (Enel Ps)

Increase in the number of maintenance contracts for which the same number of field workers was in charge by using Bee Platform.

Year 2017

Number of Contracts

Without using the Bee Platform

Year 2022

Number of Contracts

With using the Bee Platform

Engagement of servicemen in year 2017
(20 team members)

85 %
Percent of Engagement

Without using the Bee Platform

Engagement of servicemen in year 2022
(25 team members)

0 %
Percent of Engagement

With using the Bee Platform

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